TAJ MAHAL for Photographers

Visiting the TAJ MAHAL for Photographers: Tips and Tricks


The Taj Mahal is to India what the Eiffel Tower is to France. A must visit site! Classified among the 7 new wonders of the world , registered with Unesco, 1 million visitors a year, 15,000 per day on average, the Taj Mahal is a victim of its own success.  What spoil the pleasure of his visit for many…

Following the advice of our photographer friends, serious study of the site plans and major strategic reflections, we went on a “dream photo mission to the Taj Mahal”…

Here is our information and advice

tag mahalThe Taj Mahal, around 8:30 am, already the crowd, advice: try to hide people with the trees…and put your camera at water level. Here, the only point of view to have as few people as possible in your photo when the crowd is already present!

When Emperor Shah Jahan’s third wife died in 1631, he was inconsolable and had a mausoleum built for her worthy of his love, a marble palace. It is then often nicknamed the temple of love.

When is the best time to visit the Taj Mahal?

We are far from being experts in India and its seasons, but everyone advised us against winter (especially December to February ) because of the morning fog that envelopes the monument and hides it completely from view, until ‘around noon… not ideal for photos at sunrise so… And then, it seems that it’s cool In summer, it is very hot… to be avoided.

So we recommend either spring (April, May, June) or autumn (September, October, early November) to have the best chance on your side for your visit to the Taj Mahal.

When to visit the Taj Mahal?

The Taj Mahal is open from sunrise to sunset , but beware, the Taj Mahal is closed on FRIDAY!!!

If the opinions are divided in the guides and blogs, we clearly loved the sunrise on this fabulous site. Advantages? Few people, the sun rising behind a section of the monument, calm and magnificent light. (Beware of winter fog, see above)

For the sunset , the light can also be magical, but the big problem is that you will not be alone, finally you will be with thousands of people!! We therefore chose to go opposite on the benches of the Yamuna River to have another angle of view and perspective, and quite frankly, the view of the visitors advancing in single file, it was really not envy!!

We were pretty well opposite, in the gardens of Mehtab Bagh (200 rp, about 3 euros per person / tripod forbidden), even if frankly, we were not spoiled at all by the light.  The sun, as if smothered in this thick gray cloud of pollution, did not illuminate the marble of the Taj Mahal, disappointment. But a nice encounter with an Indian family

Note, if you don’t want to pay Methab Bagh Gardens, you can walk along the path that follows the garden fence to the riverside, you will have a view of the Taj Mahal from the side, as above

At 6:30 a.m. , no barrier, we put our shoes down (be careful, bring spare socks, the ground is just very cracra… with pigeons which… well you understand) and hop we go under the arches, from there, the point of view magic, where one perceives all the delicacy and beauty of the architecture. The Taj Mahal stands in the background, majestic and all the more magical when the sun peeks behind the dome.

Note that at this hour, visitors still behave with respect and everyone leaves the time of their photo pose to the other, without interfering in the landscape, which is very appreciable. Later, it’s out of control!

The Taj Mahal being built on rules of perfect symmetry, photographing only one side is enough, so you have to be clever and choose the one that has the best light and composition (no work on the facade, water in the basins, etc.) .

For us it was clearly from the mosque on the left when entering the site. Sun behind, no scaffolding, a small basin filled with water.

where to take your photos at the taj mahalThe Taj Mahal, 6:45 a.m., our faithful TOMS at their feet

At 7 a.m., we are already immediately more numerous and it is more complicated to juggle. At 8am, it’s the parade of GoPros, selfie sticks and company. For us, the moment to enter inside (which is of no photographic interest because it is forbidden in any case!!) The interior only requires a few minutes, it is a tomb in a room dark.

when to visit the taj mahal

Finally, we will end up escaping in the gardens  which are quite spectacular. After all the arid steppes of the last few days, we are so happy to walk between green lawns and exotic trees. The parrots are frolicking, we are still almost alone on the aisles on the side.

To avoid the risk of being rejected at the entrance to the monument, we advise you to only go there with the camera around your neck, a mini bag for your passport, wallet and sunglasses, and telephone.  laptop, a shawl if it’s cool in the morning. But that’s all!!

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