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What to do at night in Paris?


The North-East of Paris is increasingly proving to be the new party territory in Paris . It is here that new trends are invented, here that alternative places re-enchant the party, that concert restaurants and DJ sets flourish, that roots or high-tech clubs set up shop.

Do you want to go out, have a drink or dance after a day of visiting the many monuments of Paris? Discover the places of shows and parties, and the festive districts of the North-East of Paris where to go out in the evening …

Where to party?

Le Chinois : This small club in Montreuil does not look like much. It is however there that the real friendly and alternative parties of the Parisian night take place. A joyful, festive, unselective club to take full advantage of an eclectic musical program of concerts, parties, balls and DJ sets.

Glazart :  Glazart  took possession of the old fortifications area between the Parc de La Villette and Aubervilliers. Clubbing and concerts to the sounds of techno, house, metal, rock, trance, dub, hardtek, dubstep and all their similar ignite the neighborhood. The concerts on La Plage de Glazart in summer are events not to be missed.

Les Instants Chavirés : This concert hall is a venue designed as a laboratory for improvised, experimental and noise music. A rich and eclectic program near the Robespierre metro station in Montreuil

La Marbrerie : Still in Montreuil, a superb room in a former marble factory. Rough concrete and beam for a varied musical program and a bar to eat and drink before, during or after the concert. The audience is friendly and diverse. A place not to be missed.

La Dynamo de Banlieue Bleue : Housed in a fully renovated former hessian factory, this is the ultimate place to listen to jazz music. n short, a bubbling of musical expressions in a room that regularly capsizes.

Inside and out, the nights are feverish in a great creative mix.

Restaurants with live music or DJ sets

Le Dock B : Located in Pantin, this festive restaurant has a great menu and a superb terrace on the Canal de l’Ourcq.

The north-east of Paris hosts several festive and cultural places which offer an offbeat program of parties, festivals, concerts, cultural events. Some of these cultural actors and collectives have taken up permanent residence on sites, such as 6b in Saint-Denis or La Villa Mais d’Ici in Aubervilliers , others settle temporarily on fallow land, such as Station, Paris 18 .

When cultural venues celebrate!

In Aubervilliers, La Commune offers Les Nuits de La Commune every month to celebrate after a performance. For its part,  Maison Populaire is launching its Nuit Pop, a nocturnal rendezvous at the crossroads of artistic disciplines.

Night cruises on the canals of Paris

Festive cruises are offered on the Canal de l’Ourcq departing from the Bassin de La Villette. Having an aperitif, dancing to a DJ’s electro set or listening to live music on a boat while admiring the lights of Paris reflecting on the water… all of this is possible!

Also discover the cruises on the Seine , not to be missed. While these cruises are offered mainly on sunny days, some are offered all year round.

Night walks

Residents will introduce you to their neighborhood : day or night, they will introduce you to emblematic or confidential places and can take you to warm, festive places to go out.

Major nocturnal events in Paris

The city of Paris offers large-scale festive night events: The white night , the European night of museums , the gay pride, the techno parade …

Large-scale sites host large electro music festivals such as the Animalz evening at the Pullman docks ,

Montreuil is a very lively city which offers many festive and cultural places. discover the two liveliest neighborhoods in Montreuil, both located around Croix de Chavaux: Bas -Montreuil and Mairie de Montreuil .

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