Do all-inclusive Tour

Do all-inclusive Tour to Turkey include guided tours and excursions?


These include transport, accommodation, meals, drinks and often activities and leisure facilities. This type of package is very popular with travelers because it simplifies the planning and costs of a trip. There are also this type of service to go to Turkey and enjoy excellent moments of relaxation and discovery with family, alone or with friends.

All-inclusive packages in hotels

All-inclusive hotel packages are offered directly by hotels in Turkey. They generally include accommodation , meals , drinks and some on-site leisure activities and equipment.

Travel agencies: a solution for more personalized packages

These packages that provide you with  accommodation , meals and drinks . Besides these offers, you can also have airport transfers , guided tours and excursions organized outside the hotel .

The differences between the two types of packages

The main difference between the two types of packages is the level of inclusion of activities outside the hotel . All-inclusive packages with a travel agency tend to include more organized excursions. As for all-inclusive hotel packages , they focus primarily on hotel activities and amenities.

With these options included in all-inclusive trips to Turkey, travelers don’t have to worry about accommodation in Turkey , what to eat and drink.

Hotel activities and facilities

Of course, hotel activities and amenities are also standard inclusions for all-inclusive trips to Turkey. The hotels offer activities such as water sports , theme nights and entertainment for children .

Guided tours and excursions

As for the offers of guided tours and excursions, they are not always included in the all-inclusive packages in Turkey. But travel agencies sometimes offer them to travelers who want to explore local attractions. The most popular day trips are visits to historical sites such as the ancient city of Ephesus and the baths of Pamukkale . Don’t forget to check if guided tours and excursions are included in the package or if they are offered as a paid option.

Exceptions for guided tours and excursions

Some optional services may be free or paid depending on the offers you choose.

All-inclusive packages without guided tours and excursions

Not all all-inclusive packages in Turkey include guided tours and excursions. Some packages may focus only on accommodation and meals and not include other activities. You should therefore check the inclusions before booking a package.

All-inclusive packages with optional paid tours and excursions

Some all-inclusive packages offer guided tours and excursions as a paid option. Travelers will need to pay an additional fee to participate in these additional activities. This is an ideal option for those wishing to customize their itinerary.

All-inclusive packages with free guided tours and excursions

However, there are also all-inclusive packages that offer free guided tours and excursions. This means that travelers can take advantage of organized tours and excursions at no additional cost. These packages may be more expensive than the basic packages, but they also offer more inclusions. Be aware, however, that free guided tours and excursions may be limited in time and in the number of destinations offered .

The advantages and disadvantages of all-inclusive trips with guided tours and excursions

Ease of planning : they make it easy to plan your vacation without having to worry about organizing every aspect of your trip. Guided tours and included excursions make planning even easier.

Comfort : These trips provide comfort and convenience for travelers by taking the stress out of finding accommodations, restaurants, and things to do.

Savings : These are options that can be economical, as they often include items that can be expensive separately, such as meals and on-site activities.

Lack of flexibility: these trips can be very structured, which can limit the flexibility of travelers. Travelers must follow a pre-established program and cannot change their itinerary en route.

Hidden costs: Even though an all-inclusive package may seem economical, there can be hidden costs. Taxes, tips and additional fees for optional excursions are examples of hidden costs.

The quality of the excursions: some included excursions may be of lower quality or not meet the expectations of travelers. Therefore, research reviews of included excursions before booking an all-inclusive package.

Hotel-restricted: All-inclusive trips can be limited to the hotel and on-site activities, which may not be suitable for travelers who want to explore the surrounding area.

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