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Where to go out at night in Paris? Here are 15 must-see places


For all the night owls in the world , the City of Light is certainly one of the most attractive on the planet . But how to flutter effectively in this maze of places that is the French capital? Simply by following our advice! Here is the list of 15 of the most essential places to go out at night in Paris!

Marvel at the lights of the Eiffel Tower

 All the tourists therefore crowd at his feet to pay homage to him at any time of the day. But to make the most of its magical beauty, visit it at night and even more precisely when the needle erases the number twelve on the dial of your watch. Its innumerable bulbs then make it shine with a thousand lights!

The Seine is the other strong symbol of Paris. Crossing the city from East to West , it offers refuge to all those walkers caught up in the universal charm of the French capital. Going out at night in Paris on the quays of this river with its powerful imagination is thus one of the activities most appreciated by locals and travelers alike. And what’s more, it’s totally free!

Stroll in the evening along the Seine

If the city of Paris certainly deserves to be visited while walking, it is also full of places that encourage blissful contemplation. The many cabarets in the city are obvious examples. And if there is one that surpasses all the others in terms of notoriety and prestige, it is the Moulin Rouge . But remember to book if you want to settle there during busy periods!

Dive into the catacombs of Paris

Going out in Paris at night often means meeting people of all kinds, partying, laughing and having fun. But it is also quite possible to experience a timeless moment for an evening , in communion with millions of Parisian souls… who have disappeared. Visiting the catacombs at night is indeed a popular activity and the service providers allow you to discover an unsuspected side of Paris, just as thrilling as its place is pleasant!

The Catacombs of Paris

In Paris, dancing is almost a religion. Discotheques , concert halls and other night bars each pay tribute in their own way and according to their tastes to the countless musical genres of the planet. Electro is one of the most sought after by partygoers and the capital is full of places that broadcast syncopated and transcendental music until late hours. If you are an amateur, come for the Techno Parade , you will take as much in the eyes as in the ears!

Nightclub fun in Paris at night

We have already introduced you to the Moulin Rouge as one of the essential places to go out at night in Paris. After dinner and the show , you can either continue the evening within the establishment itself, thanks to the associated nightclub, or opt for a stroll in the neighborhood.  Nestled between Montmartre and Place Clichy , what is called the Pigalle district is generally very lively and it’s a safe bet that you will find good acolytes to discover Paris and its pleasures!

The Pigalle metro in Paris at night

If the Parisian capital is so appreciated, it is not only because it has a taste for parties. In Paris, you can find all sorts of places to have fun , but you can also and above all be who you are with complete peace of mind. The Marais district reflects this trend towards tolerance particularly well. With its many gay bars next to trendy boutiques and galleries, the opportunities for fun are plentiful. So do not hesitate to walk there at night!

Get slummed in the streets of Belleville

In a completely different style, the Belleville district is also very popular with lovers of festive bars . Formerly a popular district, the area has become trendy and the stalls where you brew, distill and sip are more and more numerous. Having known how to preserve its character , its cheekiness and its cosmopolitan identity, Belleville is today an ideal district for going out in the evening in Paris at a reasonable price.

Browse the alleys of Montmartre by night

With its Sacré-Coeur watching over the district, its caricaturists offering their services and its inevitable red and white checkered tablecloths, Montmartre is an emblematic place in the capital .  Most of those who visit the city therefore choose to go there during the day to appreciate the local beauties. However, it can also be a good choice to walk the centenary alleys at night, when the shadows lengthen, the revelers replace the families and the dream of a Paris of yesteryear is within reach!

The Sacred Heart of Montmartre

If Paris loves unbridled parties, popular bars and daring shows, it also knows how to be distinguished. You will be able to realize the subtlety of his artistic taste by attending a performance at the Opéra Garnier. Ballet, concert, recital or of course opera , it’s up to you to choose what will make you happy!

Dancing outdoors in Paris

If you like going out at night in Paris, chances are you like dancing. And for that, know that everything does not necessarily happen between four walls. We recommend the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont in particular during the day, and especially the banks of the Seine where arenas welcome all those who wish to run their partners for free!

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