How the Mangusta 104 REV is changing what it means to be the best maxi-open boat


It is safe to say that the Mangusta 104 REV always comes up when people talk about new ideas in the maxi-open boat category. This model was released in 2021 by the Mangusta Yachts brand, which is part of the Overmarine Group. It shows over 30 years of naval craftsmanship and quality. Thanks to the visionary Igor Lobanov, the 104 REV is a perfect example of both exterior and inner design brilliance. It’s not just a yacht; it’s a revolutionary statement of where Mangusta wants its yachts to go.

The Mangusta 104 REV stands out right away thanks to its sleek, slender, and powerful shape—a brilliant design move by Lobanov. Her style is influenced by supercars and combines Mangusta’s classic brand DNA with a new, modern take on it. But what really makes the Mangusta 104 REV stand out is how well the inside and outside areas are combined. Massive floor-to-ceiling windows fill the main room with natural light and offer sweeping views. This design feature perfectly captures the feel of cruising in the Mediterranean and Caribbean. And to make it even harder to tell the difference between her inside and outside, the back deck doors can be fully opened, turning the area into a huge, open area perfect for eating, entertaining, and relaxing.

Mangusta paid great attention to every single aspect of the 104 REV’s deck, from the bow to the stern. With its custom-adjustable tables and sunpads, the forward room can be easily changed to suit the owner’s tastes, ensuring maximum comfort and individual style. For example, her sundeck isn’t just an afterthought; it’s an entertainment spot that’s built right in. All of the social areas onboard are meant to make you feel at ease and relaxed, whether you’re at the wheel, taking in the view, or using the built-in outdoor galley.

Her bottom deck shows that the brand is even more dedicated to making an elegant and luxurious space. There are four luxurious bedrooms that can sleep up to ten people overnight. The full-beam owner’s suite is in the middle of the ship and has the most luxurious bathroom attached to it. The forward VIP stateroom with an attached bathroom and the extra guest rooms are also very impressive. The crew quarters are also very well thought out and built to fit a team of four. This makes sure that their needs are met without invading the privacy of the guests. The hidden galley next to it is the epitome of practical luxury, and it leads directly to the lounge on the main deck.

You can be sure that the Mangusta 104 REV doesn’t give up speed for comfort. She has two MTU 16V2000M96L engines that give her an exciting top speed of 35 knots. The boat can go 370 nautical miles, which is pretty fast even at its average speed of 25 knots. The 104 REV is the best boat for exploring the Mediterranean coast or going from island to island in the Caribbean.

The Mangusta 104 REV doesn’t just raise the bar; it changes it. The four models in the series will be on show at the upcoming Cannes Yachting Festival for picky yacht fans to see for themselves what a perfect maxi-open yacht should look like.

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